What is a Rumble Gun?

The Rumble Gun is a professional grade percussive therapy device ideal to aid in the recovery of athletes, therapists and anyone else who suffer from injuries or muscle aches.

Made for professional and personal use, the Rumble Gun is a sure investment towards your body, to be implemented in your daily recovery routine.

Why use a Rumble Gun?

Vibration and percussion help bypass the body’s pain signals and provide a deep massage, which in turn reduces muscle and joint pain, improves mobility and relieves muscle fatigue and soreness, recovering faster as a result.

Can I return my Rumble Gun?

We are happy to take back your Rumble Gun for a full refund if it is unopened, unused and returned to us. As Rumble Gun is a device used on the body, once it has been used we are unable to take it back due to hygiene reasons. We are very strict with hygiene and handle our products with utmost care.

Travel Friendly

The Rumble Gun is TSA approved as carry-on. However, lithium-ion batteries are prohibited in checked bags.

There are no rules about packing battery chargers. 

How do I place an order?

1. Head to Rumbleguns.com homepage, click on Start Rumbling to be sent to a product page.

2. Once on the product page, select and Add to Cart.

3. Review the content of your Cart and click the Checkout button. 

4. Enter all the relevant information and continue.

5. Our shipping is currently FREE.

6. All payment methods are secured and encrypted.  

You will receive an order confirmation email and your tracking information email once the order is fulfilled.


Use the Rumble Gun at your own risk.